Tratolixo performs audit for energy categorization

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helexia worker at tratolixo
Annual savings (€)
111 000€
Potential energy savings (%)
CO2 reduction potential (ton/year)
491 ton/year

During the energy audit performed by Helexia, the energy performance of the various electrical and thermal conversion equipment at Tratolixo's Biogas-fired facilities was analyzed.

The analysis of the general data on final energy production and consumption (2019) showed that the energy use and consumption matrix of the facility is strongly conditioned by the production of Biogas and subsequent thermal conversion, in 3 Motogenerators, for the production of electricity for sale to the grid. Part of the residual energy from this equipment is recovered for processing purposes, in the form of steam (using a recovery boiler) and hot air (using a thermal exchange system).

Taking this circumstance into consideration, several exercises of energy evaluation and analysis have been carried out, aiming at measuring the performance of the main producers/consumers of thermal energy from biogas and the distribution of this energy by end use, throughout the various processes.

Tratolixo consumption

In 2019, it was verified that Tratolixo (Abrunheira facility) had a consumption of about 7,000 toe, in the form of Electricity, Biogas and Propane Gas for its process and Diesel consumed by the means of transport inherent to its activity.

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From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

Tratolixo is a certified inter-municipal company, 100% owned by AMTRES - Associação de Municípios de Cascais, Mafra, Oeiras and Sintra for the Treatment of Solid Waste - and responsible for the public service of Treatment of Municipal Waste produced by more than 800,000 inhabitants of the municipalities of this Urban Waste Management System.

The main objective of the energy audit to Tratolixo was the energy characterization of its facilities, namely its energy systems, in order to determine possible energy savings in a perspective of energy efficiency and / or reduction of energy bills, which contribute to improving the energy performance of the facility and the reduction of its environmental impact, in terms of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

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