Tratolixo invests in relighting the exterior of Abrunheira Ecopark

tratolixo and b planet factory with leds
Energy reduction (%)
Annual savings (€)
10 000€

Tratolixo chose Helexia to implement an energy efficiency project: the relighting of the exterior of the Abrunheira Ecopark in Mafra.

This project was the result of the measures identified in the previous energy audit. In all, 201 light bulbs were replaced.

The implementation of this project has led to a reduction in energy consumption, as well as lower maintenance costs for lighting equipment.

In this way, Tratolixo will have annual savings of more than €10,000. 

Tratolixo with Energy Efficiency

Within energy efficiency measures, relighting is usually the first step to take, as it is a relatively simple action to carry out and does not usually interfere with production processes.

The benefits are many: Direct savings in energy consumption, reduction in maintenance costs for lighting equipment, equipment durability and contribution to the environment. In addition, efficient lighting increases employee productivity and safety.

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Direct savings in energy consumption
Reduction of maintenance expenses for lighting equipment related to the durability of the equipment
Gains in the functional comfort of the facility and improvements in light quality due to increased luminous flux
Reduction of heat emitted by lighting equipment
Contribution to environmental improvement
More safety and employee productivity

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From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

At Helexia we know that energy efficiency is a critical component of decarbonization. When we optimize the amount of energy needed to produce a given good or service, we are being more efficient, reducing costs and impacts on the planet.

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