Ethics and Compliance

Helexia's mission is to improve the global environment by promoting local development. All employees, and all those who contribute to this mission, are called upon to contribute to its fulfillment, now enshrined in Helexia's Articles of Association. But this mission only makes sense if, in its implementation, we act in accordance with the ethical principles of corporate citizenship.

Our responsibility goes beyond simply complying with the applicable regulatory framework. As a developer of renewable energy around the world, we aim to continue developing our activities while remaining true to the values that guide our teams: integrity, ingenuity, team spirit and entrepreneurship. It is essential that our professional practices are ingrained at all levels of the company.

Helexia has therefore decided to adopt a Code of Ethics and Conduct, to which all our employees and stakeholders (Customers, Suppliers, Subcontractors, Partners and Contractors) must adhere, formalizing a common commitment to act ethically and in accordance with our values. Colleagues, stakeholders and local communities that host us: it is essential that everyone knows our determination to respect these values. This is the condition for the sustainable trust of our stakeholders and for a long-term competitive advantage.

We ask you to adhere strictly to these principles, without fail and without compromise.

Protecting our employees and stakeholders


Recruitment, remuneration or promotion cannot be based on any other grounds than professional competence and respect for our ethical standards.


Harassment covers a wide range of unwanted and/or unwelcome behavior of an offensive nature directed at an individual or a group. It is generally understood as behavior that disturbs, restricts or affects one's dignity, or that disturbs a person, either through actions, oral words or in writing.

Fair Competition

Fair competition rules prohibit entering into any kind of agreement or understanding (even oral or informal ones) with a competitor that affects, limits or restricts fair competition, specifically with respect to prices, territories, markets or customers.

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