Quality Policy

At Helexia we recognize the responsibility and trust that our partners place in us and the gains that our projects bring in terms of reducing consumption: for companies through cost savings and for the planet through a reduced ecological footprint.
That's why at Helexia we are committed to providing full support in identifying energy reduction opportunities for our partners, providing integrated energy services in order to consistently meet the requirements for more sustainable development.
By remaining focused and committed to continuous improvement in all the services we provide, from energy management, production and savings to energy transition, we act as facilitators of the energy transition for our partners by committing ourselves:

  • In defense and promotion of the principles of SUSTAINABLE development through an energy services platform, ensuring the creation of value, on an ongoing basis, for the parties involved;
  • To PERSONALLY support our partners in the energy transition of their businesses, thus improving their PERFORMANCE and reducing their ecological footprint;
  • CREATING VALUE for our PARTNERS and SHAREHOLDERS by developing value-added projects that boost economic growth and sustainable development;
  • To establish relationships of TRUST with our STAKEHOLDERS, through TRANSPARENT and SIMPLE conduct, ensuring that all functions are carried out by COMPETENT employees and suppliers.
  • To implement and maintain the Quality Management System, continuously monitoring its effectiveness in order to continuously improve our PERFORMANCE.
  • Demonstrating that we have the control and resources necessary to guarantee the satisfaction of our Employees, Management, Partners and Authorities and ensuring that we develop our business in an integral, professional, sustainable and competent manner, always complying with contractual and legal requirements.

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