Public Grid Charging

Want to turn your parking lot into a source of income without having installation and operation costs?

Put your parking lot on the electric mobility map, at no cost to you.

Helexia installs and operates public charging networks at no cost to the host and still has the advantage of charging revenue sharing.

The importance of the charging network.

We believe that a quality, distributed, charging network is essential for the growth and support of electric mobility.

We work together with our customers to size and install the right charging stations for the needs of the space and the electric vehicle user.

The investment may be included.

  • We make the necessary investment to put in your business, charging and green energy solutions;
  • The installation and operation of the charging stations is Helexia's responsibility;
  • We share loading revenue with our hosts;
  • Dedicated marketing to encourage the use of the Helexia public network, to the benefit of the hosts.

How do we grow electric mobility?

the best charging solution for your space (public or private).
in chargers so that you can make charging available to customers at no cost to you.
the entire operation with the possibility of revenue sharing.
with clean, renewable energy production.

Choose Helexia.

We look at electric mobility as an essential component in decarbonizing and building a low-carbon economy.

We want to support companies in meeting the loading needs of their customers, visitors, or employees.

We work with you to make your business part of the sustainable mobility map. We install and operate high-quality charging stations so you can serve your customers or employees.

In many cases, we include investment in our projects, taking on risk alongside the partners. This is our way of being in the market; we invest because we believe there is a viable path to follow.

Public Network Charging Projects

A Simple Process with Helexia

We work so that your establishment or business comes out valued with Electric Mobility.

Helexia wants to be the long-term partner for the energy transition and decarbonization of your business.

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