At Leroy Merlin in Sintra you can now charge your electric vehicle

Electric Mobility Customer Leroy Merlin Services Electric Mobility Sector Retail
leroy merlin sintra with helexia chargers
No. of sockets
4 DC and 2 AC
50 kW and 22 kW

You can now charge your electric car when you go shopping at Leroy Merlin in Sintra. At your disposal are two 50 kW fast chargers and a normal charger with two 22 kW sockets.

By making an electric mobility system available in its Sintra store, Leroy Merlin is enabling customers to charge their car conveniently while they shop.

Benefits of this project

  • More service for LEROY MERLIN customers.
  • Customers charge comfortably while they shop.
  • Strengthening LEROY MERLIN's sustainable path.
  • Helexia took over all responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the charging stations.
  • Investment made by Helexia.

Project developed with Helexia investment

In addition to the design, implementation and operation, Helexia also invested in the project.

Helexia's investment allows LEROY MERLIN to remain focused on its core business, which is working to offer its customers the best products and services. In this way, LEROY MERLIN can continue to channel the available capital into strategic investments and the expansion of its business.

Solar carport for self-consumption in the store

This electric mobility project also includes a carport energy production system for self-consumption. This solar carport not only produces energy that is used in the store, but also provides comfort and shade in the parking lot for customers who visit the space.

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How do we grow electric mobility?

Developing the best charging solution for your space (public or private).
Invest in chargers so that you can make charging available to customers at no cost to you.
Manage the entire operation with the possibility of revenue sharing.
Integrate with clean and renewable energy production.

More projects with Leroy Merlin

From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

Several stores offer charging for electric vehicles

Leroy Merlin is committed to meeting its customers' charging needs: the stores in Setúbal, Aveiro, Albufeira, Leiria, Funchal and Matosinhos already have electric charging systems, and the Sintra store has now joined them.

Leroy Merlin and Helexia

This project reaffirms the joint work between Leroy Merlin and Helexia on decarbonization. Together, they have been working for five years on the implementation of clean energy production projects for self-consumption, energy efficiency, energy certifications and audits, and electric mobility. If you want to find out more about the work carried out, see the Case Study here.

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