Electric mobility arrives at Leroy Merlin Setúbal

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electrical mobility at leroy merlin setúbal
No. of sockets
1 charger 22 kW

This project with Leroy Merlin Setubal, follows our philosophy of wanting to be present in areas where customers go to perform an action, facilitating their daily time management. We want to be where people go to perform actions in their daily lives.

In parallel, we want our hosts to see their space valued, and that means offering more services to those who visit their space.

At Leroy Merlin in Setúbal it is possible to charge two electric cars in parallel on the 2 X 22 kW AC dual charger. This charging station is connected to the Mobie network and can be used by all customers visiting the Leroy Merlin space in Setúbal.

Leroy Merlin, sees its Setúbal store with a strong sustainable image with the provision of charging stations for vehicles and electric cars and with a solar carport for the use of clean energy, reducing electric bills and CO2 emissions.

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Bernardo Augusto
Head of Positive Impact Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin Positive Impact is our engine of development at all levels - human, environmental and economic.

We are aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of the operation by 50% by 2035. Helexia has been a very important partner on this energy transition path.

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In every project we put our best foot forward, from needs analysis to implementation, because we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

Helexia makes the energy transition a reality for customers

Electric mobility is a strongly growing reality, with the potential to encourage the integrated development of new technologies and very much in line with sustainable and economic development.

On the one hand, the reduction of environmental and noise pollution, but also the reduction of the country's energy dependence on imported fossil fuels.

The importance of electric mobility

Electric mobility is essential for increasing energy efficiency in transportation.

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