Gresart to produce 2765 MWh clean energy per year

Annual Production
2765 MWh
CO2 avoided
1300 ton
Total Power
1886 kWp
Trees planted
33 000 pieces
Annual energy consumption
553 families

Gresart, a company in the ceramic floor and wall tile industry, through a partnership with Helexia, has a photovoltaic power plant on its roof with a self-consumption capacity of 1886 kWp. This plant will produce annually 2765 MWh of clean and renewable energy. The bet in the local production of clean energy allows avoiding the annual emission of 1300 tons of greenhouse gases and is equivalent to the annual planting of 33 300 trees.

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Orlando Oliveira
Gresart Financial Adm.

The photovoltaic plant promotes energy efficiency with relevant economic advantages, ensuring another step on the path to decarbonization, at the same time as it promotes the improvement of the employees' quality of life by replacing the building's roofing, allowing for improved natural lighting and the removal of all existing asbestos, with Helexia.

From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.


The bet of companies on local self-consumption allows significant savings in the energy bill simultaneously with environmental gains, are less CO2 emissions, less use of fossil fuels and fewer losses in the transport of electricity.

Helexia Investment

The advantage of having a partner such as Helexia is the rest of having a project developed turnkey, which includes the investment. The fact that Helexia invests allows the company to maintain its investment capacity in its core activity.

Asbestos-cement Replacement

The promotion of the photovoltaic plant installation project emerged as an opportunity to promote energy efficiency with relevant economic advantages, ensuring another step on the path to decarbonization and reduction in the environmental impact of this activity. At the same time, it promotes the improvement of the quality of life of employees by replacing the roof of the building, allowing for improved natural lighting inside the industrial unit and the total removal of existing asbestos.

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