We installed
1.89 MWp
We produce
2.62 GWh
We avoided
1 231 ton
Orlando Oliveira
Gresart Financial Adm.

The photovoltaic plant promotes energy efficiency with relevant economic advantages, ensuring another step on the path to decarbonization, at the same time as it promotes the improvement of the employees' quality of life by replacing the building's roofing, allowing for improved natural lighting and the removal of all existing asbestos, with Helexia.

Gresart, a company in the ceramic floor and wall tile industry. This company wants to continue to be recognized and to base its growth as a sustainable ceramic floor and wall tile industry, based on the use of state-of-the-art technology and oriented towards a globalized market.

The company asserts itself as a reference European producer in terms of design and competitiveness, valuing excellence in resource management, in the continuous search for quality, in the solutions presented to the customer, and flexibility in the approach to market needs.

Its social and environmental responsibility promotes quality of life for employees and the population in general, with respect for the environment.

With Helexia, Gresart bet on a photovoltaic plant on its roof - learn more about the project.

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Gresart production process

Energy is an essential element for competitiveness in this sector, where only modern and flexible production units, technologically evolved, can achieve the best results.

The entire production is energy-intensive, due to the total automation of the production process, reflected in the high dependence on electricity, on the one hand, and on Natural Gas through the atomization, drying, and baking processes.

About 30% of Gresart's production is for export, with the main markets being Germany, France, Belgium, England, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, and the United States of America.

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