Biogoma conducts energy audit to identify improvement measures

Biogoma does energy audit
Annual savings (€)
120 000€
Potential energy savings (%)
CO2 reduction potential (ton/year)
538 ton/year

Biogoma invested in an Energy Audit, in the scope of the Decree Law 71/2008, 15th April, regarding the Management System for Intensive Energy Consumptions (SGCIE) and its generic objectives are to characterize the company energetically and to identify and evaluate Energy Consumption Rationalization Measures (MRCE).

The Energy Audit allowed characterizing the energy consumption of the facility, identifying and quantifying them, in a discriminated way, by the different sectors and most relevant equipment. Based on this exercise and on complementary information provided by the people in charge of the facility, it was also possible, by extrapolation, to estimate the global breakdown of electric energy consumption in the reference year.

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From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

In a first phase, this audit began with the study of Biogoma 's annual energy consumption (2019) through the analysis of energy invoices and average costs with the different forms of energy. In a second phase, the total annual (2019) production figures of the rubber granules were analyzed.

Audit Template for Biogoma

A model was applied that allows projecting future consumption of the facility, evaluating levels of savings (in costs and avoided consumption) that can be associated with the implementation of the CHM and inferring the degree of energy performance of the facility, by calculating the Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC) of the facility.

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