Tridec works for energy efficiency
We installed
300 kWp
We produce
435 MWh
We avoided
205 ton/year

Tridec is a German company, world leader in the steering systems market, has part of its production in Portugal, more specifically in Murtede. There are 7600 m2 of manufacturing area, which employs 165 people. Annually it produces 5500 mechanical, hydraulic and electronic systems, as well as special wheel suspensions and axles for heavy vehicle trailers. It exports 99.9% of its production.

With Helexia we developed a project for the installation of a photovoltaic plant with roof renovation. It also included an energy management system to monitor consumption and improve energy efficiency.

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Helexia investment included
Roof Renewal
Local production of clean energy
Stable tariff with predictability in energy costs
Energy management system for monitoring and managing consumption
Continuous improvement of energy efficiency

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Tridec Projects

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We are ready to be your partner, from consulting to investment.

Tridec develops and produces mechanical, hydraulic and electronic steering systems as well as special wheel and axle suspensions for heavy-duty trailers, regardless of the axle or trailer manufacturer. With more than 60,000 systems worldwide, they are market leaders. The products developed by Tridec make a significant contribution to vehicle efficiency by reducing fuel consumption, tire wear, CO2, and particulate emissions.

Tridec: leading company

The company is part of the Jost- group based in Germany - Frankfurt - which is a world leader in the production of systems, modules, and components for commercial vehicles.

The Jost Group is present in 22 countries, with direct access to leading truck and trailer manufacturers as well as relevant end customers. It has around 2,900 employees worldwide and has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since July 20, 2017.

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