Narc Frutas

We installed
320 kWp
We produce
1 GWh
We avoided
221 ton
Luis Siopa
Narc Frutas Agronomist

The partnership with Helexia allows us to take advantage of natural factors, using photovoltaic panels, without having to invest our capital.

Narc Frutas is a cooperative formed in 1998 through the grouping of nine fruit farmers from the municipality of Alcobaça. It is located in the west, in the municipalities of Alcobaça, Caldas da Rainha and Nazaré, with a production area of about 220ha.

The proximity of the sea and the mountains to these production sites provides unique characteristics and great quality to the fruit.

The majority of its production is based on Rocha Pears and Royal Gala, Jonagored, Golden and Fuji apples, and for Narc Frutas cold storage is a crucial element in the storage of more than 7500 tons of fruit.

Narc Frutas' partnership with Helexia

So, with Helexia, they invested in a photovoltaic plant for self-consumption, in order to reduce the energy bill inherent in the production process, but also to be more sustainable and competitive.

Helexia was present throughout the entire value chain of this project, from design to implementation and investment. Helexia's investment of around €300,000 has enabled Narc Frutas to maintain strategic investments in its core business.



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