We installed
551 KWp
We produce
778 MWh
We avoided
365 tons

ArtesanalPesca is a cooperative of shipowners created with the aim of enhancing the value of seafood caught by Sesimbra's artisanal fishermen.

Since 1986, the history of this cooperative has been made up of will and resilience, maintaining traditional catching methods as a fundamental pillar of its differentiation.

Local economy with global impact

With more than 80 employees in direct jobs, ArtesanalPesca also has around 400 fishermen in associated boats.

This company owns 66% of the black scabbardfish catch, 27% of the mackerel quota and 11% of the horse mackerel catch in Portugal. It exports 40% of its production. In a town like Sesimbra, these figures play a decisive role in the development of the local economy. The cooperative is the town's largest private employer.

Partnership between Artesanalpesca and Helexia

Refrigeration and freezing are major energy consumers, as constant cold is required to maintain the freshness and quality of the fish.

With Helexia, the cooperative has invested in the implementation of a self-consumption photovoltaic plant that will guarantee that it meets around 25% of the energy needs of this refrigerated production process.

These automated and refrigerated production lines produce and store more than 2,200 pallets of fresh fish and 1,800 tons of frozen fish.

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