Aqua Village

We installed
231 kWp
We produce
650 kWh
We avoided
306 ton
Francisco Cruz
Founder and Administrator Aqua Village

We have established a partnership that we classify as excellent, which allowed us to produce clean energy and give more comfort to our guests.

Aqua Village was created in 2009, with a very specific concept, to be a village within a village and a destination hotel.

The entire hotel is designed in a sustainable way, with the adoption of policies and instruments that protect the environment. Since the beginning, technology was implemented that allows the use of geothermal energy, through the installation of one of the largest geothermal plants in the country, replacing the traditional central heating system, called AQS.

Geothermal energy is used in the heating/cooling of spaces, heating of sanitary water and air renewal. In addition, solar thermal panels were installed and LED technology was chosen for the interior and exterior lighting of the development.

Regarding the design of the buildings, thermal and acoustic insulation materials were implemented in order to ensure the watertightness of the rooms, namely through the installation of thermal cut and triple glass frames.

With Helexia, Aqua Village has invested in a solar photovoltaic plant in Carport Solar.

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Case Study

Solar Carports - Sustainable Shades

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Aqua Village Award

Aqua Village has won several awards at the Haute Grandeur Global Excellence Awards, including: Best Boutique Resort in Europe, Best Hotel Apartment in Portugal, Best Family Resort in Portugal and Best Spa in the World.

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