Aqua Village: an example of sustainable tourism

Energy Production Client Aqua Village Services Carport Solar Sector Tourism
Annual Production
304 MWh
CO2 avoided
143 ton
Total Power
231 kWp
Trees planted
3700 pcs
Annual energy consumption
61 families

The Carport installed in the Aqua Village Health Resort & Spa parking lot, with 231 kW of installed power and a self-consumption rate of 94%, allows avoiding the emission of 140 tons of CO2/year.

This solar installation reduces dependence on fossil fuels, substantially reduces the energy bill and actively contributes to the sustainability of the planet by producing clean energy for self-consumption. The photovoltaic solar park also creates shade for the guests' parking lot, increasing their comfort and satisfaction, while reinforcing the sustainable positioning of the tourist resort.

The installation of this solar photovoltaic park, appears thus within a sustainability context, which is part of Aqua Village's DNA.
Helexia invests in local customized solutions for the production and use of renewable energy in companies. Without having to divert capital from your core business, your company can have access to self-consumption of clean energy through the installation of photovoltaic plants or solar carports.

Carport Solar consists of a structure installed in its parking lot, which combines convenience with local renewable energy production and is a growing trend in the solar industry.


Protection of vehicles and people from weather conditions
Supplying green energy without CO2 emissions
Energy bill reduction
Real Estate Assets Valuation
Image enhancement, reinforcing innovation and sustainability
Integration with charging stations for electric vehicles
Francisco Cruz
Founder and Administrator Aqua Village

We have established a partnership that we classify as excellent, which allowed us to produce clean energy and give more comfort to our guests.

In every project we put our best foot forward, from needs analysis to implementation, because we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

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