Vygon is a French company that produces and markets single-use medical devices. Passionate about the service they provide to health professionals, this company is present in 25 countries. In Portugal it has been present since 1994.

The medical-surgical and pharmaceutical supplies that the company provides serve various areas of medicine: from pediatrics to oncology, from nutrition to surgery, Vygon ensures the constant supply of hospitals, clinics and health centers.

Vygon with solar self-consumption for factory and corporate fleet

In partnership with Helexia, an integrated project was developed and implemented: solar self-consumption and electric charging for the company's fleet. The green energy generated by Carport Solar is used both to power the factory and to charge the electric vehicles in the fleet.

The solar carport is the ideal combination, vehicles parked in the carport are protected from the sun and other weather conditions, while clean and renewable energy is produced. In this way, it offers great comfort to those who visit or work at Vygon.

There can be no better business card.

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