Auchan with 3 new chargers for electric vehicles in Lagoa

view of the 3 electric chargers for vehicles in the auchan de lagoa
No. of sockets
1 charger 50 kW | 2 chargers 22 kW

Auchan now offers 3 more electric vehicle charging stations that add to its charging network extended to several stores in the country. There are 3 new charging points available at the Auchan store in Lagoa: 1 fast charging station (50 kW) and 2 double normal charging stations (22kW).

Auchan's electric vehicle charging network has been expanded through a partnership with Helexia, which has allowed more and more of the supermarket's customers to charge their vehicles conveniently while doing their shopping.

The development of electric mobility infrastructure in Auchan spaces is part of a commitment, assumed by Helexia Portugal and Auchan Retail, to contribute to a more sustainable economic development model.

The project is part of the commitment, assumed by both organizations, to contribute to a model of sustainable economic development.

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Clara Costa
Brand and Transformation Director Auchan Retail

Helexia has emerged as a privileged partner that solves one of the big challenges for us, to have self-consumption and allows us to have a more sustainable building.

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