Costa Verde - What are the benefits of 5 years of solar self-consumption?

case study costa verde
Annual Production
1398 MWh
CO2 avoided
657 ton
Total Power
998 kWp
Trees planted
16 900 pieces
Annual energy consumption
280 families

About the Costa Verde Case Study

The energy transition of companies is essential for all of us because the energy bill is increasingly high - for companies and for the planet. Costa Verde has already started this path in 2017 and the first 5 years are translated into economic and ecological indicators that are shared in this case study.

This example can help you and your company to take the necessary steps to become more competitive, according to the energy needs of your business.

Costa Verde is a world class design and innovation company in porcelain, its products stand out for their high quality index. The factory is located in the District of Aveiro and has a covered area of 30,000 m² and an available area of over 60,000 m².

Since 2017 it benefits from a solar photovoltaic plant on its roof with an installed power of 998 kWp. This plant was developed by Helexia Portugal and included the necessary investment for its implementation and operation.

This Case Study shares the main indicators as well as the main maintenance actions of the plant.

Your company can also enjoy the advantages of producing and consuming clean, renewable energy locally.

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Study Recipients

Are you an energy manager, production manager, maintenance manager, or do you manage your company's finances and savings?

If you want to know more information about:

Potential of photovoltaic energy for the competitiveness of the Portuguese industry;
Potential savings in electricity costs;
Potential savings in CO2;
The importance of maintenance and monitoring for good solar production ratios;
Benefits of replacing fiber-cement roofing.

Francisco Proença
Green Coast Industrial Director

Helexia is a responsible and efficient partner. An experienced and functional partner. A competitive partner with one of the best market conditions to install our photovoltaic plant.

About Costa Verde

The Porcelanas Costa Verde factory was born in 1992 in Zona Industrial de Vagos, Aveiro. For 28 years it has been transforming minerals to form porcelain. More about this client

Key Indicators

In this case study of Costa Verde we disclose the main indicators of the project in these 5 years, such as the amount of savings generated (€), the total energy produced (GWh) and the tons of CO2 avoided. We also show the benefits of replacing an asbestos cement roof and the importance of maintenance and monitoring to obtain good ratios of solar production.

- Savings Generated (€)
- Energy produced (GWh)
- CO2 avoided (ton/year)

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