Green energy at Ambigroup recycling

aerial view of the ambigroup factory
Annual Production
1583 MWh
CO2 avoided
744 ton
Total Power
1082 kWp
Trees planted
19 100 pcs
Annual energy consumption
317 families

Solar energy is now a reality in Ambigroup Reciclagem SA. This is a Helexia project with 3608 photovoltaic panels that will produce 32% of our partner's energy needs. With an annual production of 1583 MWh, this rooftop photovoltaic plant guarantees Ambigroup a saving in its energy bill and a reduction in its CO2 emissions.

José Aranda Correia
Ambigroup Development and Innovation Department

The three plants produced in 2019 a total of 1,220 GWh, of which 34% were exported to the grid and 66% self-consumed. The production of photovoltaic energy allowed to avoid 304.4 t of CO2 emissions (Average specific emission: 379 g CO2/kWh. Source: Iberdrola), thus contributing to the decarbonization of our country's economy.

From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

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