TUPAI guarantees 27% of its energy needs with solar power plant

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aerial view of tupai with helexia solar panels
Annual Production
1075 MWh
CO2 avoided
505 ton
Total Power
726 kWp
Trees planted
13 000 pieces
Annual energy consumption
215 families

Being an exporting industry implies being competitive in a global market, which requires a meticulous management of energy, which represents a very important slice of the industrial cost. The energy consumption per m2 produced is a determining KPI for the competitiveness of the business.

The production efficiency allied to a good energy efficiency allows us to obtain high levels of performance, materialized in quality products and with prices that allow us to compete in the international markets.

The plant has an installed power of 750 kWp, and an estimated annual production of 1116 MWh per year, which is equivalent to supplying energy to 223 families/year. With this plant, TUPAI can satisfy 27% of its electricity needs.


Local, clean energy production
Energy bill reduction
Reduction of CO2 emissions
Rui Santos
Industrial Manager TUPAI

The proposal that best suited our reality was the Helexia proposal, without a doubt.

In every project we put our best foot forward, from needs analysis to implementation, because we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

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